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In the Library of Mathematics, you are able to digitize documents. This service is free of charge for all visitors of the library. Please observe:

  • If you scan for the first time, you should at first scan some pages for testing purposes. Thereafter, you check your e-mails at an internet computer and ensure that the scanned document was sent to you successfully.
  • The scanners are intended for mathematical content only.
  • Please do not turn of the scanner or the computer nearby.
  • Generally, you are not allowed to scan objectionable or illegal content in the library. Please observe the effective German laws.

You will find the scanners at the following places:

Places of scanners
Room 2c (Library, ground floor)
Room 4c (Library, 1. floor)

The scanners can each be operated by the computers placed nearby. This is not challenging:

  1. Bitte geben Sie Ihre Mailadresse zum Scannen ein/
    Please enter your e-mail-address for scanning
    The completely scanned document will later on be sent to your e-mail-address. Therefore, it is important not to mistype your e-mail-address.
    screenshot scanner If you discover the screen not in the state shown above, please reset the computer by pressing the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Back to the initial state.
  2. Von welcher Quelle soll gescannt werden?/
    From which source shall be scanned?
    screenshot scanner There are several possibilities to scan:
    • Flachbett/flatbed: Appropriate for scanning books and journals. Please place the document on the scanner's glass surface area.
    • Simplex/simplex: Appropriate to scan single sided printed Din-A4 paper. Please place the pages in the scanner's document feeder with the printed side up.
    • Duplex/duplex: Appropriate to scan double sided printed Din-A4 paper. Please place the pages in the scanner's document feeder with the first side up.
  3. Mit welcher Auflösung soll gescannt werden?/
    Which resolution should be used for scanning?
    You can choose between a resolution of 150 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi. Normally, the choice of 300 dpi is appropriate. If you are not familiar with this, keep the default choice.
  4. Farbig scannen?/
    Scan in color?
    Choose if the document shall be scanned colored or black and white.
  5. Größe der Seite/
    The page's size
    Please choose the document's size that you want to scan. As soon as you have selected your choice and confirmed it, you document will be scanned. If you have chosen the source Simplex or Duplex, the entire document will be scanned and the next dialog will not be shown. If you have chosen the source Flachbett, the next dialog will appear after the scanning of the first page:
  6. Weitere Seite jetzt Scannen?/
    Scan one more page?
    If you have chosen the source Flachbett, you will be asked if you want to scan some more page after the scanning of the first page. If you affirm this, another page will be scanned. Therefore, page the scanned document forward one page and affirm thereafter that you want to scan another page.
  7. Scan erfolgreich - eine Mail an Sie wurde versandt! Gescanntes Dokument ansehen?/
    Scan successful - a mail was sent to you! View the scanned document?
    screenshot scanner Congratulation! Your document was scanned successfully and (automatically) converted to a PDF-file. You will be sent an e-mail containing a link to the scanned document.
    You can view the scanned document and check that it was scanned as requested.

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