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  • The books listed below are not freely accessible in general. On the campus of the University of Bonn, especially in the Library of Mathematics, the books can be accessed free of charge. However, please follow the terms and conditions given on the respective page.
  • The books listed below are only a small selection. More eBooks can be found in bonnus.
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Mathematics books for students - Introductory subjects

Mathematical working, philosophical and motivation

Interesting mathematical problems

Linear algebra and analysis


Linear Algebra

Mathematics books for students - Advanced subjects




Number theory


Set theory


Differential equations

Applied and numerical mathematics

Discrete mathematics




Mathemtics and natural sciences

Books for students with mathematics as subsidiara subject

Mathematics for computer scientists

Mathematics for physicists

Mathematics for natural scientists

Mathematics for economists


Additional eBook-vendors

In the Library of Mathematics (and in the network of the Mathematica Institute), some up to date mathematics books of Springerlink, the American Mathematical Society, de Gruyter and Elsevier/ScienceDirect are freely accessible. In particular, there are some books of the series Lecture Notes in Mathematics accessible at Springerlink.

The books can be searched for on the following pages:

Search at Springerlink

Search at the American Mathematical Society

Search at de Gruyter

Search at Elsevier/ScienceDirect

Please notice that only some of the shown books are accessible.

Further electronically available services

In addition to the eBooks, we offer a multitude of electronically available services: Reference books, databases, software, etc. A list can be found on the following page:

Databases of Mathematics (DigiBib)

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