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Internet access

A modern library offers extensive research possibilities as well as a wide spectrum of available publications. This is notably provided by the use of the internet. Therefore, the Library of Mathematic's visitors offers different methods:

You can use the internet at no charge. Please observe:

  • Die Internet computers are intended for research purposes and to access digital publications. Therefore, we please you not to occupy the internet computers unnecessarily if other visitors of the library want to use it for research purposes.
  • Please do not displace the monitor of the internet computers. If you displace the keyboard to have some more place, please put it back when you are leaving the desk.
  • Generally, you are not allowed to access objectionable or illegal internet content in the library. Please observe the effective German laws.

Internet computers

In the library, there are numerous internet computers. They are permanently in operation and do not need to be booted. (If the screen is black, please turn it on and move the mouse.)

Please close the open tabs after usage in order to let the next visitor research at this internet computer. If the computer hangs or you want to delete the browser's history, you can reset the computer to its initial state by pressing the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Back.

WLAN- and VPN-connection by the Main Computing Center (Hochschulrechenzentrum)

For this method, you need:

  • a mobile device (e.g. a laptop) which supports WLAN
  • a user account at the Main Computing Center

You can connect your laptop to the internet by WLAN. Therefore, you first connect to the WLAN-network MIbonnet. After having connected successfully by WLAN, you can connect to the internet by the Cisco-VPN-client of the Main Computing Center.

The Cisco-VPN-client can be downloaded on the VPN-page of the Main Computing Center.

More information about the WLAN-network MIbonnet can be found on the WLAN-page of the Main Computing Center.


You can connect your laptop with the internet by LAN, too. Therefore, numerous network sockets are installed in the library. However, not all sockets are activated. The following network sockets are activated for free internet use:

Network sockets
Room Network sockets
Room 1b 033 a, c
Room 1c 034 c, e
Room 1e 036 a
Room 2a 037 c
Room 2d 040 a, e
Room 2e 041 c
Room 2f 043 a, c, e, g, i, k
Room 2g 044 a, e
Room 3 119 c, e
Room 4a 121 a, c, e, g, i, k, m, o
Room 4b 122 a, c, e

You have to set up your laptop that way that it obtains the network data by a DHCP-server. This is set up as default by most operation systems.

WLAN-connection for members of the Mathematical Institute

Members of the Mathematical Institute can connect their own laptops by WLAN to the institute's network. Therefore, you have to contact the support and let your laptop be activated. You get an corresponding certificate for your laptop. After having imported this on your laptop successfully, you can connect to the WLAN-network MI.

Further information can be found on the support's pages.

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