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Loan periods, Charges

In the Library of Mathematics, the following persons are authorized to borrow publications:

  • students of the University of Bonn
  • professors and scientific employees of the University of Bonn
  • postgraduates and stipendiaries of the University of Bonn The topic of research must be rooted in the field of Mathematics with regards to its content.
  • guests and members of the Max-Planck-Institute A recommendation of a professor of the mathematical institutes is required.

The loan period can be extracted from the following table (WD denotes working days, ie. every day from Monday till Friday apart from public holidays):

Loan periods
Loan stock,
Historic works
Textbook collection Reference stock,
Omnibus volumes,
Collected works,
Reference works
Rara books,
Rara journals
20 WD
2 renewals
20 WD
max. 20 books
1 WD
Scientific employees,
20 WD
1 renewal
(11 months)
1 WD
20 WD
2 renewals
1 WD
External persons

When exceeding the loan period, the following overdue fines are charged:

Overdue fines
Days overdue
in calendar days
Overdue fines
 1 – 10  2,00 €
11 – 20  5,00 €
21 – 30 10,00 €
31 –     20,00 €

Please observe:

Overdue fines can not be discharged in the Library of Mathematics but only in the Bonn University Library and the Branch Library MNL.

Loan periods, overdue fines and the authorization to borrow publications can be altered at any time. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the information provided on this page.

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