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Printers, Copiers

In the Library of Mathematics, there exists the possibility to print and copy. Please observe:

  • Do not waste needlessly paper and toner.
  • The printers and copiers are intended for mathematical content only.
  • The printers in the library must only be used by students of Mathematics of the University of Bonn and by members of the mathematical institutes in Bonn. The printer located nearby to the lockers is however available for every visitor of the library.
  • If you print something, please take the printed pages with you and do not leave them at the printer. Before sending a print job, affirm that the printer is fully functional.
  • To copy publications outside the library, they have to be borrowed first. In particular, please do not take any books from the library to the copier located nearby to the lockers if you do not have borrowed them.
  • Generally, you are not allowed to print or copy objectionable or illegal content in the library as well as to breach the German Copyright Act. Please observe the effective German laws.

Printers and copiers are installed in pairs. You will find them at the following places:

Places of printers
Name of the printer Place Restrictions
bib-theke Library, ground floor, Foyer only from the computers nearby,
only for students of Mathematics
of the University of Bonn and
members of the mathematical institutes

Furthermore, in room 2c there is a cutting and a tying machine placed to appropriately finish your printed matter.

To use the copier, you need a copy card. These can be purchased at the Branch Library MNL. Alternatively, students of Mathematics of the University of Bonn can borrow a copy card at the library staff exempt from charge. Therefore, a valid student card must be lodged.

If problems occur, please proceed as follows:

  • No paper (printer) Please ask the library staff for paper. They will give you some paper to fill up the printer's paper trays.
  • No paper (copier) The copiers' paper trays are filled up regularly with new paper. If however not sufficient paper is present, please try to choose another paper tray or use another copier. Please inform the library staff afterwards.
  • Copy card empty (copier) If the copy card borrowed at the library staff is empty, please replace it with another one at the library staff. If the other copy cards are also empty, you are not able to copy anything more.
  • Toner empty (printer/copier) Please inform the library staff and use another printer/copier. The toner will be filled up within the next days.
  • Copier does not react/is in sleeping mode (copier) You can wake up the copier by pressing the key placed top right in the control panel. (The key is labeled in a different way at the library's different copiers.)
  • Cancel a printer job (printer) Please wait until the printer has begun to process the printer job. Then, press the red key of the printer's control panel, and confirm by pressing the Ok-key. The printer job will be deleted immediately.
  • Paper jam (printer/copier) It can not be avoided that paper is jamming at times. You can try on your own to unjam the printer carefully. Please pay attention to not apply force and not to destroy anything. In case of doubt, please ask the library staff to help you.
  • Printed pages are empty/are not looking like the original (printer) Possible reasons for this problem are manifold. In particular, it can arise when using foreign character sets and can not be be resolved in this case.
  • Unknown problem (printer/copier) Please inform the library staff. They will try to help you.

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