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  • A beautiful Mind (130 min, English/German, fiction)

    The film tells the story of John Forbes Nash's life, beginning in his time as a student and decrypting Soviet codes on behalf of the American government, ending in a shizophrenic psychosis.

  • Cube (91 min, English/German, fiction)

    One day, two men and three women are standing in a bizarre, seemingly never-ending complex of uniform, cubical-shaped, metallic rooms. They were picked out of their everyday life by a higher power, without knowing why. Filled with fear, they try to find a way out of the labyrinth that is full of mortal risks.

  • Dimensions. Une promenade mathématique (117 min, English/German/French/et. al., educational film)

    The film discusses the notation of the dimension, beginning with dimension zero and dimension three up to higher dimensions. Thereby, fibrations are dealt with in more detail.

  • Eine Sammlung mathematischer Kurzfilme/
    A Collection of Mathematical Videos
    (60 min, Englisch/German, educational film)

    This DVD contains a juried collection of short math videos that are winners of the international MathFilm Festival 2008. Among other videos, the following are contained: Counting Beyond Infinity, Möbius Transformations Revealed, Flatland.

  • Enigma (114 min, English/German, fiction)

    In the year 1943, the supply convoys of the allied on the atlantic route were defenceless vulnerable to hostile attacks by German submarines. Feverishly, British scientists try to decipher the radio communication of the hostile navy but all the efforts of the top-class teams of experts fail to decrypt the Enigma, the mysterious coding machine of the Nazis.

  • Hard Problems. The Road to the World's toughest Math Contest (82 min, English, documentary)

    The DVD is about the story of six extraordinarily gifted students who take part in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The film shows the dedication and perseverance of these remarkably talented students, the rigorous preparation they undertake, and the joy they get out of solving challenging problems.

  • Julia Robinson and Hilbert's Tenth Problem (54 min, English, documentary)

    The film tells the story of an American mathematician, Julia Robinson, and the passionate pursuit of Hilbert's tenth problem.

  • Leonhard Euler. In the Scholars's Paradise (29 min, English/German, documentary)

    The film describes the life and work of the mathematician Leonhard Euler who can be seen as one of the most gifted mathematicians of the Eighteenth Century.

  • Magic of Muqarnas. Stalactite Vaults in Islamic Architecture (18 min, English, documentary)

    The film is about Muqarnas that form an essential part of Islamic architecture. These geometric forms where first treated by the famous Islamic mathematician and astronomer al-Kashi.

  • Mesh (39 min, English and German edition, educational film)

    Mesh is a groundbreaking computer animation that explores the advancement of discrete geometry from the ancient Greeks to contemporary research topics that have never previously visualized. It explains all about polyhedral meshes and their role in geometry, numerics and computer graphics.

    The DVD is available both in English and German.

  • Porridge pulleys and Pi. Two mathematical journeys (28 min, English, documentary)

    The DVD contains portraits of two very different mathematicians: Vaughan Jones (Fields medalist and one of the world's foremost knot theorists) and Hendrik Lensta (number theorist).

  • Touching Soap Films (41 min, English/German, educational film)

    The film explores the surfaces of soap films in a generally understandable way. These surfaces are adopted to e. g. architecture since many years, and they can be observed in crystallography. The film is comprehensible for pupils as well as for people who are interested in popular science.

  • Wolfgang Doeblin. A Mathematician rediscovered (80 min, English/German/French, documentary)

    Wolfgang Doeblin is one the great probabilisticians of the Twentieth Century. The film documents both, the scientific and human aspects of Doeblin's life.


  • Arabesques and Geometry (20 min, English, educational film)

    The film explains the topic of symmetry in mathematics with examples from Islamic art. The mathematical background, plane crystallographic groups, is spectacularly illustrated by examples at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

  • Not Knot (16 min, German, educational film)

    Der Film is about the world of knots. The geometry of a knot complex, i.e. the space around the knot, visualized as well as how it passes to the hyperbolic space.

  • Outside In (22 min, English, educational film)

    The film contains a computer animation explaining the amazing discovery that a sphere can be turned inside out by means of smooth motions and self-intersections.

  • Turning a Sphere Inside Out (22 min, English, documentary)

    The film is about the problem of turning a sphere inside out by passing the surface through itself without making any holes or creases. Mathematicians believed the problem to be unsolvable until 1958, when Stephen Smale proved otherwise.


  • ZahlenWissen. Mathematik in Forschung Alltag

    The DVD contains interactive content about mathematics in everydays life: Everywhere, in the road traffic, weather forecast and in operating theatres, mathematics is required. It makes your mp3-player playing music, helps to optimize the bus timetable and provides the rapidly computed projections on the election day.

  • 3rd European Congress of Mathematics, Barcelona, July 10 to 14, 2000

    Proceedings of the 3rd Congress of Mathematics, Barcelona

  • A. Schmitdt, K. G. Siebert: Design of Adaptive Finite Element Software. The Finite Element Toolbox Alberta

    Alberta is an adaptive multilevel finite element toolbox using bisectioning refinement and error control by residual techniques for scientific applications. CD for the corresponding book.

  • Computer Graphics. Annual Conference Series, Los Angeles, 1995

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference Series, Los Angeles, 1995

  • W. Press et al.: Numerical Recipes in C/C++. The Art of Scientific Computing

    Die CD contains the code of the books W. Press et al.: Numerical Recipes in C++. The Art of Scientific Computing and W. Press et al.: Numerical Recipes in C. The Art of Scientific Computing.

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