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Shelf locations

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Ground floor

Ground floor Room 1a Room 1b Room 1c Room 1d Room 1e Room 2a Room 2b Room 2c Room 2d Room 2e Room 2f Room 2g Room 2h Room wc

Shelf locations

  • Collected works (Room 4b)
  • Historic works (Room 3)
  • Journals (Rooms 2a, 2d, 2e, 2g, 2h)
  • Loan stock (Rooms 1a, 1b, 1c, 1e)
  • Nova-room (Room 4d)
  • Omnibus volumes (Rooms 4a, 4b)
  • Printers, copiers (Rooms 3c, 4c)
  • Rara books (Room 1d)
  • Rara journals (Rooms 2f, 3)
  • Reference stock (Room 3)
  • Reference works (Room 4b)
  • Scanners (Rooms 2b, 4c)
  • Textbook collection (Room 1a)
  • Thesis (Room 3)
  • WC

First floor

First floor Room 3 Room 4a Room 4b Room 4c Room 4d

Principle of arrangement

At most shelf locations, the media are ordered alphabetically by the authors' surnames. The following shelf locations are exempted from this:

Shelf location Principle of arrangement
Journals ordered by the journals' titles
Omnibus volumes ordered by numbers; these can be found in the bonnus portal
Textbook collection ordered by subjects, see the textbook collection's signatory groups

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