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The Library of Mathematics provides a large number of journals. They are partially available electronically and partially as hardbacks, oftentimes even as both types. There exists a separate catalog for journals:

Catalog of journals

Journals that are available only as hardbacks in the Library of Mathematics and that are not available electronically in principle, are regrettably not listed. Please use the search of the bonnus portal for these journals.

The catalog of journals provides a complete overview of the various journals of the library:


You can check whether the journal is accessible freely, restricted, or not at all, by the colors of the signal light on the left-hand side of a journal's title. If a journal is available electronically, you can access its electronic version by clicking on its signal light.

Please click on the journal's title if you need further information about the journal. A page with information about the corresponding journal will open:

journal: information

It is shown at the beginning of the page whether the journal is available electronically, and whether it is available as hardback in the library.

Below this, you find bibliographic information about the chosen journal:

journal: bibliographic information

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